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Colorado Gun Shop Project

Continuing the theme of keeping lethal means at arms length from those struggling with mental illness, REPS has a collaboration with the State of Colorado, Department of Public Health and the Environment to inform the local gun owning community of safety options for owning and storing their firearms. The program is intended to encourage the local gun owners to be “their brother’s keeper” and protect other gun owners struggling with mental illness by keeping their firearms out of reach. This is primarily a public information campaign and toward that end, REPS purchased advertising in the local Colorado Hunter publication has a circulation of 10,000 copies with the potential to reach as many as 100,000 readers. REPS is also collaborating with local gun sellers in the community to get the message of gun safety and mental illness out to their customers.
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Brayden Jerde

For more information or ways to get involved with this program, please contact our Colorado Gun Shop Project Program Coordinator, Brayden Jerde, by clicking the link below.
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